How to Add Tooltip with pure CSS

You’re perhaps not already using tooltips, but you’ve at least seen them in action before. If your websites are built on WordPress, you can create tooltips with WordPress plugins like Simple Tooltip and Magic Tooltips. Or you may prefer using jQuery plugins like Tooltipster. For me, I always choose to do more with less and I’ll show … Continue reading “How to Add Tooltip with pure CSS”

Flood your Wesbites with TRAFFIC using [Quizzes]

In a recent statistics byBuzzSumo, a quiz is shared more on the social media platforms in comparison with the posts or articles. No wonder why big sites like and are trying their level best to engage their user with the content for an extended period. Here is an article talking about how [Quizzes] can flood your websites with … Continue reading “Flood your Wesbites with TRAFFIC using [Quizzes]”

myPortfolio – Responsive, Stylish, User-Friendly & SEO-Ready Portfolio Theme

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Lazy Load Facebook Comment to Speed Up your website

Many WordPress bloggers prefer to use a third comment plugins instead of default WordPress comment system no matter they are pissed of spam comments or just feel cool. I’ll take the Facebook Comment widget as an example to show how to load the scripts only after user clicking the button. By defer loading the scripts, … Continue reading “Lazy Load Facebook Comment to Speed Up your website”

Display post views count with code, supporting cache plugins

I’ve found that most code snippets to display/track post views are just not working well if users are activating cache plugins like WP Super Cache on their sites. The reality is that nowadays you are less likely to catch any website not using this kind of cache plugins for speed improvement. So I’ve put together … Continue reading “Display post views count with code, supporting cache plugins”

Attach an image to a post with code

If you look at the media library you probably notice that all attachments are attached/unattached to a post. If the attachment is attached to a certain post, actually it’s just set as a child of that post, or its post parent is that post. Since both attachments and posts are post and they are only … Continue reading “Attach an image to a post with code”

AJAX Frontend Upload Image in WordPress

In a previous post I’ve showed how to upload images from frontend in WordPress. As requested by many of my readers, today I am going to put it further to show you how to make it with AJAX. Before moving on, I recommend you to read that post because we’ll use many concepts mentioned there … Continue reading “AJAX Frontend Upload Image in WordPress”

Create a Circular Progress Bar with SVG

This post is actually not a tutorial. It’s more than an bookmarked method for my later use to create a circular progress bar with SVG. You can give it a test in The original codes should be written by Jon Michael Christensen. The HTML markup View the code on Gist. The CSS View the … Continue reading “Create a Circular Progress Bar with SVG”

Add Unlimited Custom Sidebars

More themes nowadays give site owners the ability to add their own unlimited sidebars. So the site owner can create as many sidebars as they want and assign a specific sidebar to a specific page. In this tutorial I’ll go through with you the while process to get this feature done. Please note that this post … Continue reading “Add Unlimited Custom Sidebars”

Broken Image Fix with jQuery

Now and then we’ll find broken images in our websites, it may because we linked to an image URL that is now invalid, or the file path was incorrect. We can manually replace the broken images one by one, but what if your site has hundreds or thousands of posts? That could be a lot … Continue reading “Broken Image Fix with jQuery”