How to add a Random Post button in wordpress

How to add a Random Post button in wordpress

In this post I will show you 2 methods of how to create a Random Post button in wordpress. Both are short snippets and easy to implement.

Method #1: custom page template

First create a custom page template random-post-page.php (see how to create a page template) and add the following codes in it.

Upload this random-post-page.php file to your theme directory and then create a new page choosing the page template we just created Random Post.

That’s it. You can now create a button in your navbar or anywhere for users to click on that page and he/she will be redirected to a random post.

Method #2: Code snippet

First add following in your functions.php.

That’s it and you are done. Now create a button that links to or and the snippet above will take care of the rest. Click below link for a test.

Thanks tieke for the snippet #1 and wpbeginner for snippet #2.


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