Flood your Wesbites with TRAFFIC using [Quizzes]

In a recent statistics byBuzzSumo, a quiz is shared more on the social media platforms in comparison with the posts or articles. No wonder why big sites like Buzzfeed.com and Mashable.com are trying their level best to engage their user with the content for an extended period. Here is an article talking about how [Quizzes] can flood your websites with … Continue reading “Flood your Wesbites with TRAFFIC using [Quizzes]”

Frontend Image Uploader in WordPress

WordPress has provided us many functions to upload images, like media_handle_upload(), media_handle_sideload(), wp_handle_upload(), wp_import_handle_upload(),wp_handle_sideload(), media_sideload_image(). I have another post showing how to upload an image with AJAX. Check it here. You are still recommended to read this post before going to the ajax one. If you want to add an image upload form in the frontend, then … Continue reading “Frontend Image Uploader in WordPress”

Use WP Tab Widget Pro to Transform your website

While there are so many beautiful themes out there, sidebars have sort of been ignored by many top-notch developers. However, sidebars are very important for increasing page views by showing engaging content on your website and they make an excellent use of the valuable real-estate of your website. An engaging and beautiful sidebar may mean … Continue reading “Use WP Tab Widget Pro to Transform your website”