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Viral websites are a hit since last year, leading by, you may probably know. These kind of websites get huge traffic from social platforms by encouraging people to share the content like crazy because of their attractive headings of posts.

Without further ado(You can read a in-depth review here), you can also create such a website in minutes with WordPress.

I’ve browsed the internet and find many clone themes of these websites like viralnova but seems there are just few HelloU style themes. So today I am going to introduce a very cool theme that should get your eyes up – The themes is called Pviral.


I will leave it’s core features later but want to highlight one that I am really exciting about.

It has 4 post layouts that you can choose from the post editing page.

These layouts are going to display seamlessly with the post content on homepage or any other archive pages and search result page.

No matter what kind of post you are publishing you’ll find a layout to match. For example, if your post are heavily plain texts without image, then you can choose the “Solid” layout. Solid means the post grid will have background with a full width, solid color you can set in the back-end. If your post only include a small image, then you may want to use the “circle” layout.

Let’s now have a look at its worth mentioned features:

  • Like it button
  •  There is a built-in ajax like it button with this theme. Let your readers vote for their favorite posts and track what’s hot.

  • Category icons
  •  There is only few themes right now include this feature. You can now select a FontAwesome icon to represent each category. More fancy then plain text, right?

  • Social sharing icons
  •  With the integrated social sharing buttons in the post and social profile icons on the header, you can accumulate social followers and get more traffic automatically.

  • Sticky header
  •  The sticky header is unlike any other sticky header you’ve seen elsewhere. It’s not just a fixed header. It disappears when you scroll down, and then comes to view when you scroll up. So you are giving visitors more space that they’ll appreciate it when viewing on small screens, also giving them the option to easily navigate to your site which is really helpful especially when they are scrolling down in a long post.

  • Fluid Responsiveness
  •  The creator created this theme with mobile first in mind, but it adapts seamlessly to any display that’s viewing it, either desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

  • Live customizer
  •  Easy configuration with native Live Customizer Fully control your theme options in one place, with WordPress native Customizer.

  • Infinite Scroll + Numeric Pagination options
  •  There are 3 types of pagination you can choose from the Theme Options: You may prefer the default Prev/Next buttons, or you are a fans of automatically infinite scroll, or you’d like just let users click to load more content.

  • Cross browsers compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, IE8+ and Safari
  •  Their codes are verified and strictly follow WordPress development standards.

  • Localization Support
  • Easy to translate This theme comes with fully prepared language files ready for easy translation into your language. Translatable .po files included.

See Demo Get It Now!


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