AJAX Frontend Upload Image in WordPress

In a previous post I’ve showed how to upload images from frontend in WordPress. As requested by many of my readers, today I am going to put it further to show you how to make it with AJAX. Before moving on, I recommend you to read that post because we’ll use many concepts mentioned there … Continue reading “AJAX Frontend Upload Image in WordPress”

Frontend Image Uploader in WordPress

WordPress has provided us many functions┬áto upload images, like┬ámedia_handle_upload(), media_handle_sideload(), wp_handle_upload(), wp_import_handle_upload(),wp_handle_sideload(), media_sideload_image(). I have another post showing how to upload an image with AJAX. Check it here. You are still recommended to read this post before going to the ajax one. If you want to add an image upload form in the frontend, then … Continue reading “Frontend Image Uploader in WordPress”