WP In Post Ads

WP In Post Ads

You can close this postĀ if none of the below pain points is for you:

  • Your website is earning enough
  • You know which Ad works best on your website
  • You have the best Ad position nailed down
  • You know how to place your Ads anywhere on your website

I’m glad you are still reading as very few people bother to maximize their earning and stay hungry for more.

Most blogs don’t earn significant money because of poor Ad placements. Many bloggers and website owners do not realize the importance of placing Ad strategically at places where most people would see and click on them.

Maybe you want to try out different Ad positions but don’t know how to code them in or want to split test different Ad units? We have solved that problem for you.

WP In Post Ads plugin, not only lets you place Ads anywhere you like inside a post using shortcodes or on your sidebar using a widget – it also helps you control who sees them and when they are visible. This single plugin puts you ahead of the competition and gives you an unfair advantage to help you earn 30-50% more Ad revenue from your current traffic.

WP In Post Ads is the ultimate ad management plugin for in-post ads in WordPress posts and website. With the ability to split test ads, count views, reposition ads, show or hide them after a set amount of time, and customize it for each post, you’ll see higher earnings with your optimized ads.

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WP-In-Post-Ads-ResponsiveA/B Split TestingCount Ad ViewsShow Ad After Post TitleShow Ad After ContentShow Ad After N Number of ParagraphsShow Ad With ShortcodeShow Ad After X DaysHide Ad After X DaysChoose Not To Show Ads To Logged in UsersIntegrate Ads With Google AnalyticsDisplay Ads RandomlyOptions to Control Each Post AdsSupported in All WordPress ThemesExtensive Documentation24 Hours Support

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